My favourite yoga channels on YouTube

Four years ago, I started my yoga practice. Quickly, I fell in love with the way yoga transformed my body and mind. The first two years I practiced exclusively at yoga studios. As a newbie, the structure and guidance offered in classes helped me develop into a confident practitioner. Later on, life became hectic and I could not find the time to go to classes anymore. So instead I started using yoga videos in the comfort of my own hoe. Although I now enjoy going to classes again, I still keep up my practice at home with yoga videos from YouTube. Over time I have tried quite a few online teachers and can confidently say that the 5, channels below have become my absolute favourites for an at-home yoga session.

Yoga With Adriene – The one for beginners

The queen of YouTube yoga Adriene is not popular without reason. Adriene is such a sweet and gentle woman (with a little bit of sass) whose videos are great for beginners. Her classes focus on how we feel in the body rather than how good or advanced our poses look. There is something about her videos that is so incredibly soothing to me, that I find them the perfect preparation for a meditation session. I know so many who use Adriene’s channel, even when they know nothing else about yoga. She really is the perfect jump board for starting a yoga practice at home.

Bohobeautiful – The workout

Besides making beautiful and inspiring travel videos with her husband Mark, Juliana also posts yoga and pilates workouts on her channel Bohobeautiful. Her yoga classes are fast-paced and often incorporate some form of pilates, so they are great if you are in the mood for a workout-style yoga session. I personally love her ‘yoga for splits’ video, which I came back to over and over again when I was trying to achieve a splits in late 2017 (spoiler alert: I still can’t do the splits, but I have definitely become more flexible). Her videos are short and effective, so they are also a great addition to any morning or evening routine.

Five Parks Yoga – The long and slow one

Erin from five parks yoga is great for Hata style yoga, which is a slower and gentler type of yoga. I enjoy her classes because they offer deep and full-body stretches that leave me feeling super relaxed afterward. She has a friendly and no-frills attitude to yoga, which is very refreshing to see. She also offers a lot of longer classes on her Youtube channel, which make her videos a great substitute for your regular yoga class.

Fightmaster Yoga – the traditional one

Lesley from Fighmaster Yoga offers, alongside others videos, traditional 1-hour asana style yoga videos. Her videos are very similar to what an actual asana style yoga class would be like. I would, therefore, recommend her asana style videos mainly to those who already have some experience with yoga and can keep up with all the quick posture changes and yoga terminology. If you are confident in your practice, then this is the perfect online teacher to guide you through your yoga sessions at home.

Alo Yoga – the pretty one

Alo Yoga is a yoga apparel brand, so their videos are very slick and polished. They work with an array of guest yoga teachers, many of whom you might recognise from Instagram. A lot of their videos are definitely focused on looks (think fancy headstands), but they also have great options for beginners. I particularly like their ‘after work yoga flow’. This practice targets all those muscles that might be a little tight from sitting at a desk all day.

YouTube has made it easy for anyone to practice some yummy yoga (as it is often called) at home. I use an online video at least once a week to stretch my muscles and ease my mind. I love getting to know new teachers, so let me know in the comments if you have any more recommendations!

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