Month in Review: July 2018

July was such an amazing month. Of course, I started my blog this month and I am extremely happy I did. So far I have loved expressing myself through writing and I am so glad that I finally bit the bullet. July was also a month that was all about friends and family. At the beginning of the month, I celebrated my two-year anniversary with my boyfriend by going to ‘The Allotment Vegan Restaurant’ (check out my review). I also took several little trips this month to spend time with my loved ones. First, I went to Frankfurt to spend some time with my grandmother. And two weeks later I headed up to Edinburgh for some quality time with one of my best friends. I am working on a travel guide for both Frankfurt and Edinburgh, so those should be up on the blog soon. Lastly, let’s talk about the amazing weather we have had all month here in the UK. It definitely brought a smile to my face every time I stepped outside. Nonetheless, I am also not complaining about the rain showers we had last weekend. Green grass is a lot prettier to look at than brown grass.

Each month I would like to share some of the things I have been loving. This could be anything from food or fashion to songs, movies, books or podcasts. Rather than having a set list of favourites each month, I will mix the categories up a bit depending on what has crossed my path.

To Eat

This month I had courgette more than any other vegetable. The Allotment tasting menu featured them and I also included them in several of my homecooked meals. One of my all-time favourite breakfasts is zoats with sundried tomatoes and this month featured the dish more than once. (I have put up the recipe for this dish last week.) I also made zoodles on a few occasions and tried my hand at these vegan courgette fritters:

To Wear

This month I have been loving my new ‘pineapple heels’ from Bourgeois Boheme. The shoes are vegan, sustainable and fair-trade, so they are right up my alley. The white bit on top is made from pineapple fibers, which is why I lovingly call them my ‘pineapple heals’. I wore the shoes for the first time on my anniversary date and love how comfortable and stylish they are.

To Listen

My favourite podcast this month was the On Being episode with Elizabeth Gilbert. In this interview, Gilbert talks about choosing curiosity over fear in our creative endeavours. Creativity is sometimes thought of as a gift, given to a special elite of people. Gilbert prefers to see it as something that is attainable to all of us. When we are simply curious about creative projects, without attaching feelings to their outcome, creativity becomes something wonderfully healing and positive. As I was hesitant for months about starting a blog, this podcast resonated deeply with me. I strongly recommend listening to it and checking out the On Being podcast in general, if you haven’t heard of it yet.

To Watch

I love Jess’ ‘What I eat in a day’ videos. Her food is simple, vegan and healthy, but doesn’t aspire to be 100% fitspo proof. Her recipes are always super simple and I am constantly inspired to try her creations. This edition featured some amazing summer dishes, which were perfect for the hot weather we have been having in the UK.

To Read

My favourite blog read this month was a blog post by The Good Trade on guilt around sustainability. It is so easy to fall into the guilt trap when starting the sustainability journey. There are always people who do it better than you and I have even written myself about how difficult it is to live a sustainable lifestyle. The article by The Good Trade reminds us that sustainability is not a zero-sum game. Doing a little better is not useless and every little step matters.

That is my roundup of July 2018. A brilliant month filled with everything summer should be filled with. August will be an even bigger month for me, as I will start a new job. I cannot wait to see what this new journey in life will hold for me and of course write all about it in next month’s round-up.

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