Sustainability round-up #1

With the absurdly hot summer we have had this year, I think we can all agree once again how important it is to step up our game. Luckily there is so much happening to improve the sustainability of our human existence. From incredible start-ups to local movements, people are doing amazing things to support our environment. To inspire and motivate, today I would like to share some of my top reads on sustainability from this week.

The Bad

Okay, let’s start with the bad. As much as I want to only trumpet all the wonderful eco-initiatives, we cannot overlook the facts. And unfortunately, the facts are grim, really grim. Instead of getting down about these facts, let’s use them to motivate us more than ever to do our bit for a better world.

  • The UK government has yet again scheduled the release of an environmental report days after approving an environmentally-unfriendly decision. Last week, the government approved fracking in Lancashire and four days later a report on the state of air pollution in the UK was released. Mind you, the report was finished in 2015, so it should have been released years ago. Not cool!
  • We all know that the weather has been odd this year. From arctic fires in Norway to deadly fires in Greece, no (Western) country has been hit as hard as Japan this year. Between souring heatwaves and unprecedented floods, over 300 people in Japan lost their lives to weather-related incidents during the month of July. A report that was released this week shows that without proper adaptation, weather-related deaths could increase by 2000% in certain regions by 2080!

The Good

Seeing all that bad news might be uncomfortable (I know it is for me!), but we cannot close our eyes from the truth. That being said, there is also loads to celebrate this week on the sustainability front. Seeing all these amazing changes makes me proud, gives me hope and, most importantly, prompts me to try a little harder myself.

  • The world’s first plastic-free shopping aisle in a main-stream supermarket has been opened in The Netherlands this week. How amazing is that? Leeds still doesn’t have a waste-free shop and it irks me every time I have to buy produce that is wrapped in layers upon layers of plastic. I hope this starts a movement in The Netherlands starts a trend and UK supermarkets will soon take note.
  • So it’s not all bad news in the UK this week. While we might not be covered in waste-free shops yet, we have managed to reduce our use of plastic bags in supermarkets by 86% since 2015. This just shows that good policies (such as the 5p charge on plastic bags) work. Hopefully, this will increase morale and leads to more effective policies in the future.

The Practical

It is helpful to scour the news on sustainability topics. It creates awareness and understanding on a tricky subject (this post clearly just scratched the surface). Awareness is the first step, but actions speak louder than words. This week I found some amazing companies that I am sure will help me on my sustainability journey.

  • This week I discovered the most amazing small Indian fashion brand that is completely fair-trade and uses sustainable fabrics. The Summerhouse creates garments that are absolutely stunning in their simplicity. I love finding and supporting independent brands like this, so please go check them out!

  • I have been looking for a sustainable bathing suit for a while now for my upcoming holidays. I stumbled upon the
    brand Batoko two weeks ago and I am glad I decided to purchase my bathing suit from them. All their swimwear is made from recycled fishing nets and come in cute prints. I opted for the blue suit with shark print. Last week I received the package in the mail and I was so happy to see all the packaging was sustainable as well (no plastic at all!). The swimsuit fits really well and I cannot wait to wear it during my upcoming holidays. 


That was my round-up of sustainability news and finds from this week. I will be back soon with more news, tips, and insights from the world of sustainability. Please feel free to leave any additional information or tips in the comments!



  1. August 7, 2018 / 3:35 pm

    Ah I love that swimsuit, I’m forever dissapointed with the Uk government and their environmental policies. They seem to think they can leave it for the future… but I suppose to them we can, the poorest in the world will lose their lives first due to climate change. Also I’m really hoping that a waste free shop opens in Nottingham soon!

    The Quirky Queer
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    • Lizzyfied
      August 7, 2018 / 6:57 pm

      Thank you so much for the lovely comment! Let’s hope that the grassroots movements continue to make the difference and influence policy-makers.

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