Why I started blogging

In this whirlwind digital age, new websites and blogs are popping up left and right on a daily basis. Many people have personal or lifestyle blogs, nutrition or wellness blogs, food or travel blogs. Many even combine all of the above together in blogs that may look very similar to mine and talk about my topics with such eloquence that it is only natural for me to ask myself why I should start another one. Does the world really need another blog? Does the world really need my blog? The answer is unequivocally yes, not only because my voice needs to be heard, but because I need to practice using my voice in the first place. After years of toying with the idea of starting a blog, I have accumulated reasons so compelling to myself that I could no longer deny myself the opportunity to start expressing myself on this platform. Today I want to share these reasons.

A voice for change

There are many blogs talking about veganism, sustainable living and stress-management, yet all of them matter. In a world of gross injustice not only to fellow humans, other animals and the ecosystems on which we depend, but oftentimes most profoundly to ourselves, every voice trying to rectify this injustice matters. Experiments have shown that when a group of actors all do the wrong thing, the test subject will follow them, even when he/she know it is wrong. When among the group of actors, there is one person doing the right thing, the test subject is much more likely to do what he/she know is right. Although I am far from perfect, I try to do the right thing as much as I can. If I can inspire others to do the same, even if it is only one person, then this blog matters.

A public learning platform

I love writing and have been doing so for many years in private. As an otherwise not very creative person, writing is my way of creating and expressing myself. I have written short stories, poems and diary entries for as long as I can remember and have no intentions of ever showing them to anyone. But I realised that the only way for me to grow in my writing and improve my skills, is by sharing my stories. Making my writing public and receiving feedback from others, will help me advance in the field of wordsmithery. It will also hold me accountable to write regularly, as we all known how annoying an abandoned blog can be. This accountability applies not only to writing, but to all matters of wholesome and sustainable living. By putting myself out there and writing about these topics, I can learn and grow from others. I can also keep myself accountable to sticking with practices I value dearly.

A minimalist journal

Coming back to the previous point about my love for writing, I enjoy going through my old diaries and scrapbooks to reflect on a particular stage of my life and to understand how far I have come in my life. I hold these notebooks dear and would never get rid of them. But as I am aiming to adopt a more minimal lifestyle, the idea of putting all my recipes, thoughts, advice (I have whole notebooks just on advice to myself), and memories in a nook on the internet appeals to me. My blog gives me the opportunity to have all my thoughts neatly categorised and stored away without creating more clutter in my home.

The world would have done just fine without my blog. I would have quite likely survived as well. But as the cliché goes: “The world doesn’t need more successful people. The world desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of all kind”. This is a need that does not beg for brute survival, but for vitality, harmony and connection. And if I can find more vitality, harmony and connection with my blog, then that is exactly what the world is longing for.



  1. August 10, 2018 / 5:14 am

    I loved reading about why you are compelled to blog! I never kept journals, but my mom has journaled almost her entire life. I think of blogging as my own version of online journaling and like you, especially love being able to reflect on things I’ve gone through and learned along the way!

    • Lizzyfied
      August 10, 2018 / 6:20 am

      Thank you for your lovely comment! You are my absolute favourite YouTuber, so I am having a little fangirl moment right now.

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