Month in review: September

Whereas August just seemed to absolutely fly by, September was dragging on for quite a while. At the beginning of September, I travelled to Andalusia (Spain) to attend a wedding of some friends. The area of Andalusia is stunning, and the little trip definitely made for a highlight of the month. The best part of the trip was at the end though.

On the last day of our trip, my boyfriend and I received the long-awaited news that we would finally be moving into our new apartment. We had been waiting for this moment since March (buying apartments in the UK is no joke!), so we were elated to finally set a definite move-in date. We will be moving in two weeks, so the rest of September became a month of decluttering, packing and making expensive grown-up purchases. It was also the month of colds and flu’s, so overall, I am quite happy that the month has come to an end.

To eat

Dates – We get dates from our local middle-eastern shop. They are gooey, soft and deliciously sweet. I love putting them on oatmeal, in smoothies or eat them as a little snack after dinner. Despite being high in sugar, they are full of fiber and low on the glycemic index. So unlike other sugary treats, they won’t spike your blood sugar as much.

Hemp seeds – I have been sprinkling these little bad boys onto everything this month. Their earthy flavour made for a perfect addition to the colder weather and darker nights. As a good source of protein and vitamin E, I do not feel guilty on bit that I went through an entire jar this month.

Chickpeas – As I was clearing out the kitchen cupboard in preparation for the move, I found a massive pack of dried chickpeas. I wanted to use them up, rather than moving them to the new house. I don’t particularly enjoy the process that comes with cooking dried chickpeas. But the flavour is so much better than canned chickpeas and it avoids toxins that tins might be adding to your diet.

Favourite view

How beautiful is this wedding location? The bride and groom held their wedding at a beautiful mansion in the foothills of Malaga. It made for a stunning backdrop for the festivities and gave us a beautiful view of Malaga city. Overall, I was impressed with this area of the world. I probably would not have come to the south of Spain by myself due to the reputation it has as Britain’s #1 drinking destination. Yet the reputation could not have been more wrong. The area is just breathtaking and even Malaga itself is a lovely city with lots to explore.

To listen

I have been obsessed with blues songs this month (again, I might blame this on the weather). I made myself a little playlist of soulful songs that I have been playing on repeat in the office. These are my favourites from the list, which consists of modern soulful songs mixed in with some true blues classics.

Ray LaMontagne – Trouble

Gary B. B. Coleman – The Sky is Crying

Kaleo – I can’t go on without you

Mightly Sam McClain – When the Hurt is Over

Cigarettes after sex – Nothing’s gonna hurt you baby

Etta James – I’d Rather Go Blind

Albert Cummings – Lonely Bed

Lauren Ruth Ward – That’s life (Frank Sinatra Cover)

Chris Stapleton – Tennesee Whiskey

Paulo Nutini – Don’t let me down (Beatles Cover)

Freddy Cole – This Time I’m Gone for Good

To read

Travelling is destroying places – This article in Der Spiegel is the best thing I have read in quite some time. I love when articles make me think about my own habits and actions and this one made me feel guilty as charged. I don’t have the answers (neither does the article), but it does open up a conversation each of us should be having with themselves.

A shellfish diet is better than veganism – Farmed bivalve shellfish are a better choice for the environment than most plant-foods. It is also disputed that bivalve shellfish are sentient (just as disputed as the sentience of plants). A very good argument put forward in this article in favour of bivalve shellfish consumption.

A little hotel in Andalusia – My article about the hotel I stayed at in Andalusia is a beautiful reminder of my time there. I do truly recommend this little gem to anyone who is planning a trip to the area.

This is my round-up from September 2018. Next month will be incredibly exciting and slightly daunting. We will be moving into our new home, so my weekends and evenings will be all about renovating and decorating.


What was your September like?


    • Lizzyfied
      October 1, 2018 / 6:34 am

      Thanks for the lovely comment. Just two weeks left before the big move now! Have a great week. x

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