Month in review: October

Where do I start with this one? October has been absolutely manic for me. My boyfriend and I received the keys to our new apartment at the beginning of the month, and with that, a crazy few weeks of cleaning and decorating (and more cleaning) began. I’ll be honest. The first time I stepped into the new place, I had a near heart attack. The flat was so much dirtier and more outdated than I had remembered. (The last time I had seen the apartment was in March.) That was a bitter pill to swallow. The decorating process has given me more breakdowns than I signed up for. It has been annoyingly slow. And we are still a long way from calling the new place our home. So as I mentally prepare for another manic month of homeownership, here are my reflections on the month gone.

Making a home

We are almost done with decorating the bedroom. We had to paint all the walls, take out the old carpet and then scrub out the countless paint stains from the wooden floor beneath it. (I say we, but I mean my boyfriend mostly, as I was bedridden with the flu and away visiting my grandmother this month). I never knew how much cold, hard labour went into making a home, but I am glad to see the first room in the house slowly coming together. November will hopefully see us finishing the bedroom, as well as making good progress on the kitchen. Room by room I am determined to make this place our home sooner rather than later. Even when it is giving me way too many sleepless nights.

A hack for staying positive

This month counted plenty of anxious days for me. I worried and mulled and pouted constantly. The move wasn’t anything like I expected it to go (does it ever?!), so it was hard to stay positive sometimes. Luckily, I had the brilliant idea to switch my melancholic blues music at work for a Youtube video that repeats positive mantra’s over and over again. It feels very odd to have a stranger praising you for hours on end, but it was a massive mood buster for me this month.

Baking biscuits

Although I have only just posted a recipe for these cookies, I needed to mention them again. I am honestly so chuffed that I managed to create a baking recipe all by myself for cookies that actually taste really good. I am planning to make these cookies again several times in the coming weeks. In fact, I will make them for our company’s bake-off again this Wednesday (unless there is some colossal house disaster) and for my family at Christmas. I also want to make them for any house party I am invited to in the upcoming months. What can I say? Cookies definitely taste a lot better when you have created the recipe yourself (particularly as a notoriously bad baker).

Internet snippets

Is your soul neoliberal? – Environmental determinism meets philosophy meets outstanding commentary. I highly recommend this article to anyone who likes reading thought-provoking and well-researched pieces of writing.

A beginners guide to skincare – This skin-care guide is the most comprehensive one I have ever read. If – like me – you didn’t know hyaluronic acid isn’t actually an exfoliant, then this definitely worth a read.

Everything you know about obesity is wrong – As someone who has never struggled with weight, this article was incredibly eye-opening. Reframing the discussion on food towards health rather than weight seems very intuitive, but is still frowned upon in our society.

The road less travelled – My favourite post on Lizzyfied this month explored the possibilities of a new type of travelling. One that is slower and gentler (on the planet and the self).

So that was my month in review. A little chaotic and a little stressful, but all for a good cause. Hopefully we will see it all coming together in November.


  1. November 1, 2018 / 6:05 pm

    Wat een grote stap, jullie eigen huis! Ik kan me voorstellen dat het wel wat tijd en vooral veel werk kost om van een huis een thuis te maken. Hopelijk vordert het allemaal gestaag in november.
    Die video met affirmaties klinkt trouwens zeker goed. Best een aparte gewaarwording waarschijnlijk om zo’n filmpje te zien, maar het klinkt zeker wel als een aanrader 🙂
    Romy recently posted…Oktober 2018 | De maand van mijn auto, herfstweer en toeristje spelenMy Profile

    • Lizzyfied
      November 2, 2018 / 8:21 am

      Het is inderdaad wel gek om die affirmaties te luisteren, zeker op kantoor, haha!

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