A sustainable outfit and a trip to the farm

A few weeks ago, on a lazy Sunday afternoon in October, I made my way over to our local urban farm. A colleague of mine had recommended the place to me. When she told me they had some cute little piglets, I was sold. I was also excited to get out of the house for a few hours, not the least to snap a few images of my current favourite outfit. This outfit could not be more up my alley. It consists of long-loved pieces combined with items that have only recently made their way into my closet. All items have come from sustainable and fair-trade origins, which makes me love the outfit even more.

The top I am wearing is my current favourite and I wear it at least once a week. (It also made a sneak appearance in this and this post). It was made by the brand People Tree, which is known for its sustainability and fair-trade credentials. What I enjoy about this brand though is that their clothes are fashionable and their prices are reasonable. They really try to make ethical fashion mainstream, which is why I already own quite a few of their pieces. This particular top is made of a thick and sturdy cotton fabric, which gives it a more luxurious feel. And am I right in thinking striped are just the best?

I paired the top with my new jewelry from Smoke and Ash, which I purchased through the shop Wearthlondon. Both the necklace and ring are by this brand and made of recycled sterling silver right here in the UK. The packaging is made of recycled materials as well, making this brand a front-runner for sustainable jewelry. I love the simplistic style of the pieces and have been wearing them non-stop since receiving them a few weeks ago.

On my legs, I am wearing my new jeans by Everlane. I had been looking for a sustainable and fair-trade pair of jeans for almost two years, but couldn’t find a single one I liked. ‘Eco jeans’ tend to look a bit ‘eco’ in my opinion. I had heard about the American brand Everlane before, but their prices and shipping costs had always put me off. In a ‘let’s treat myself’-moment I decided to order two pairs of jeans. After years of not owning jeans, I am now the proud owner of two beautifully fitting skinny jeans that go well with basically any of my tops.

Lastly, I am wearing my all time favourite pair of shoes. I bought these shoes two years ago and wear them five days out of the week. No kidding! I even had to get them resoled, as I am unwilling to part with them. They are by the brand Bourgeois Boheme and are completely vegan. (I also own a pair of heels by the same brand.) More importantly, they make every outfit look put together.

On to the farm experience. I made a life-long dream come true that day! Pigs are my favourite animals and I can spend hours watching videos about piglets on YouTube. These little piglets were just a few weeks old and already very playful and curious. They all came right up to the fence and I could pet their little hairy backs. It was absolutely incredible! However, I did learn that day that perhaps I don’t want a pet pig after all. Seeing how much energy and curiosity these little animals have, made me realise that owning a pet pig is a full-time job. Honestly, puppies are nothing compared to pigs in terms of engagement needed.

After spending way too long playing with the piglets, my boyfriend and I wandered around the rest of the farm. The farm had some sheep, adult pigs and three alpacas. The alpacas were (surprise, surprise) my favourite among the adult males, as they were equally curious about their human visitors as the piglets had been.

Overall, it was a lovely day out and a great way to get in touch with nature (says the city girl who has never worked on a farm…). I love finding little spots like this in the city. Leeds is quite an urban city (much more that London or Edinburgh), so finding greens spots like this is just wonderful.

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