My top 5 dream jobs (plus a reality check)

Today it is time to take a trip down fantasy lane. We all have dreams of things we would like to do in our lifetime. Some might be achievable goals, while others are just wild ideas that roam in our imagination. For me, today’s list of mainly consists of the latter. It is a list of five dream jobs I fantasise about having, without having real plans to pursue any of these plans.

My current job

At university, I studied various degrees in sustainability and environmentalism. That was the path I wanted to take. But when I realised that the sustainability industry is a lot drier than the lifestyle aspects I was interested in, I wasn’t too sure it was my path. During my final Master’s degree, I accidentally fell into the world of marketing through a part-time job. Although it wasn’t a career path I ever envisioned for myself, I now really enjoy going to work every day. Digital marketing is a fast-changing and dynamic industry, so there is always something new to learn. (Also, I get to write for a living!) With that being said, if I could do anything I wanted, it would probably be one of the jobs below:

1. Farm owner for rescued pigs

I am a vegan for ethical reasons. Particularly the fate of pigs touches me greatly, as these are my favourite animals. I would love to own a farm full of freely roaming rescued pigs. It would allow me to make a meaningful contribution to the world while breathing in the fresh air all day long.
Reality check: Farming consist of a lot of physical labour and knowledge of animal care. A rescue farm also needs a funding model, as it does not have profit in mind. Maybe I should start with an adopted dog for now.

2. Geologist

My absolute favourite subject at school was geography, and particularly the geological aspects of this subject. I loved learning about the formation of the earth and even considered studying geology at university for a while.
Reality check: I am not great at maths. Or physics. Or chemistry. Although I always understood the basic principles of geology fine, actually working in this field requires a mathematical finesse that I simply don’t have. Instead of being a full-fledged geologist I still read and watch documentaries about it.

3. Travel blogger

If I would be a full-time blogger, I would love to be a travel blogger. Although I don’t follow travel blogs as much (I prefer lifestyle ones), I do sometimes envy the life of bloggers that roam the globe. Staying in beautiful locations and exploring different cultures, while getting paid for it does sound like a dream.
Reality check: It isn’t as glamorous as it looks, I know. Full-time travel bloggers need to hustle for their collaborations. They also never feel settled and experience jetlag on a weekly basis. I guess travelling is a lot more fun when your bread and butter doesn’t depend on it.

4. Zero-waste shop owner

This dream has sprung to mind as a business opportunity. I get incredibly frustrated sometimes about how difficult it is to be zero-waste in a city without a zero-waste shop. I would love to own a shop with fresh produce, legumes and grains, nuts and seeds all without packaging. It would fill a gap in the market for others, but mainly for myself.
Reality check: I have no idea how to start my own shop. Fair enough, I could learn that. The second (and bigger) problem is that owning a shop requires a lot of upfront investment. Enough said…

5. Nutritionist

Since falling ill with stress over two years ago, I have become super interested in healthy nutrition and living. Particularly, Traditional Chinese Medicine is an approach to health that resonates with me strongly. I have read loads of books about this topic and would love to formalise this studying so that one day I can help others overcome their health issues.
Reality check: This dream is the most realistic one of them all. I have seriously looked into nutrition degrees and still dream of becoming a nutritionist one day. The only problem is that it requires a lot of time and money to do the degree I am interested in. At the moment, I don’t want to commit to that kind of investment, but I am not ruling out that one day I will.

These are my 5 dream jobs that I would love to pursue in a fantasy world. Luckily, they are all jobs that spring from real passions of mine. So even if I don’t get to work in these professions, I can still explore them in my spare time.

                           Do you have any dream jobs you would love to pursue?


  1. November 25, 2018 / 2:21 pm

    Great dreams!! Becoming a fulltime (travel) blogger is also my ultimate dream. But I would also love to own a shelter for street dogs and cats in Spain. Or, be a completely independent freelance writer. Working on it 😉

    • Lizzyfied
      November 26, 2018 / 6:58 am

      I really like your dreams as well! Good luck working on them 🙂

  2. November 26, 2018 / 7:51 am

    Such beautiful dreams! I hope you will achieve one of these some day! Even though theses dreams seem too far sometimes 😉 I would love to own a zero waste shop too! Such a good concept!
    Anna recently posted…Meeting my 2 favourite Dutch bloggers!My Profile

    • Lizzyfied
      November 28, 2018 / 10:45 am

      Aw, thanks for your encouragement. Zero waste shops are truly amazing. Funnily enough, the day I posted this blog I found out that someone in my city has opened a zero-waste shop. So I will definitely check that out soon!

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