19 before 2019 – An Update On My Progress

Around five months ago, I shared a post on the 19 goals in still wanted to achieve before the start of 2019. I’ll be honest, the goals were not in the forefront of my mind during the past few months. A hectic house move and a new job kept me plenty busy, so any form of personal development was put on the backburner. However, when I checked my original post a few days ago, I realised that I had achieved a lot of the goals without much conscious effort. Alas, today I am sharing the results of my 19 before 2019 challenge.


Open a savings account – I started an ISA savings accounts with the sustainable bank Triodos.

Start investment – I started investing with Nutmeg in their socially responsible portfolios.

Move to a new house – This was a goal I knew I would achieve, although at the time of writing my first post I had no idea when we would get the key. I ended up moving in November.

Try acupuncture – I tried acupuncture for my chronic tinnitus at the end of summer and to my surprise the treatments completely got rid of my tinnitus. Unfortunately, the tinnitus did come back again a few months later due to the stress of the house move, but I now know I can always return to acupuncture to treat my tinnitus.

Set up a 2019 bullet journal – This goal was harder to achieve than I thought it would be, as decking out a bullet journal for an entire year takes a lot of work. I did manage to finish my bullet journal in time and shared my set-up in this blog post.

Create a social media routine – I created a social media routine in October and absolutely loved it! I fell off the bandwagon again in November, but in December I hopped back on and continue to reap the benefits.

Finnish reading ‘Healing with Whole Foods’ – This 700-page book about Traditional Chinese Medicine was dense and not exactly a page-turner. But I made my way through it and am so excited about implementing some of the things I have learned about health.

Publish a recipe on my blog – I posted three recipes on my blog so far. Although I still feel self-conscious about my recipe posts, I do enjoy the creative effort that goes into making them. So I am sure I will continue posting some recipe posts in 2019.

Recycle my electronics – During the house move, I finally bit the bullet and recycled the electronics that I had been carrying around for years.


Make the house a home – I grossly underestimated how much work our house needs, but I am happy with the progress so far. There is still too much to do to call it a proper home, but considering the hard work we have already put into the house, I cannot count this goal as a complete fail.

Do a juice cleanse – I started a 3-day juice cleanse at the end of August, only to realise it was a stupid idea. I struggle with the physical repercussions of stress and adding high amounts of simple sugars to the body, while undereating is not a smart decision for me at the moment. So I called it quits on the first day.

Eat 5 veggies a day – Although I didn’t properly track this, I seriously upped my veggie intake at the end of November. I cannot officially call this goal a success without the tracking, but I am pretty certain I achieved this one.

Plan my 2019 holiday – I haven’t booked any tickets yet, but I have a rough plan for most of my holidays already and am in the talks with my friends about some joined trips. So not fully booked, but definitely somewhat planned.


Make a dentist appointment – I failed this one on purpose. My new employer has an additional healthcare plan that I have access to after six months of employment. As it covers all basic dentist appointments, I decided to postpone this goal a few more months.

Do a parasite cleanse – The parasite cleanse I do takes a lot of time to plan for in advance and I simply didn’t have the time for it. I am planning on doing another parasite cleanse in March of 2019, and of course, will be blogging all about it.

Do a gong bath – I don’t consider this a personal failure. I did sign up to do a gong bath, but it got canceled the night before. Since my local yoga studio only offers these every few months, I wasn’t able to fit one in before the end of the year.

Meditation – HUGE FAIL. Not only did I not achieve my goal of meditating for an hour, I hardly meditated at all in 2018.

Bake a delicious bread – I should have done this before I got busy with the house move. Our new place doesn’t have a good oven (it leaks!), so until we get a new oven I am putting this goal back on the shelf for now.

Do the splits – As. If.

Only buy fair-trade and sustainable clothes – I did only buy fair-trade and sustainable clothes, except for one piece. I had a wedding in Spain this summer and needed a formal summer dress for the occasion. I had nothing in my wardrobe that fit the bill and after weeks of looking for a sustainable formal summer dress (that didn’t cost over £200) So, I caved and bought a red dress from ASOS (featured in this post). I genuinely feel bummed about not sticking to my morals with this one, so hopefully, I can now use this dress for any other festive summer occasion in the future.

Looking back, the last months of 2019 were probably not a great time to start goals at this time in my life contained so many changes and disruptions. I am happy that I did manage to achieve a fair bit of my goals, but won’t beat myself up over the ones that I didn’t achieve. Later this week I will publish my goals for 2019 and I am putting a bit of a twist on them. Stay tuned for those!

I’d love to know. Did you achieve your goals for 2019?

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