Thank you 2018

2018 has not been the easiest year for me, but there is still so much to be grateful for. Take a trip down memory lane with me to see why I can call myself a very blessed person.


This is essential for me. I am incredibly lucky to have such a loving family. I genuinely wouldn’t know what to do without their unconditional support. This year was no different, and I can only hope they know how lucky I feel because of them.

Le Boyfriend

This is another one I lucked out with. My boyfriend is incredibly caring and kind, which is not something I am used to from previous relationships. We make a great team and I am thankful for all the fun times we have had in the past year and all the milestones we achieved.


All of my close friendships are long-distance (scattered around The Netherlands, Berlin, and Edinburgh), which is definitely not easy. Luckily I have the most loyal and amazing friends, who are just as committed as I am about keeping in touch. One of my friends even drove 10 hours each way this year, just to see me for less than two days. I absolutely love my friends.


I have learned to appreciate my health on a much deeper level this year. After overcoming the worst state of health of my life (where the physical pain was so intense at times I didn’t want to live anymore), I finally saw some major improvements this year. I cannot even imagine what people with chronic illnesses go through, so I am counting myself very lucky with my health.


I love traveling and 2018 saw me going on a few beautiful trips. I explored Morocco, hiked the mountains of Austria and rested my feet in the foothills of Andalusia. This year a lot of my trips were focused on nature, and I hope this trend continues in 2019.


Experiencing new things is essential for a rich life, so I am lucky that I got to experience many new things this year. These experiences included standing on a surfboard (I cannot really call it surfing) and doing a gong bath meditation. It also included starting my blog, eating a whole artichoke (not a fan!) and being recruited for a new job.


It is easy to focus on all the areas I fall short in, but I am lucky to look back on some beautiful accomplishments this year. 2018 was the year where a report I wrote on Pension Funds and Climate Change was published by one of the biggest law firms in the UK. It was also the year where I got my first promotion and the year where I hit all of my saving goals.


In 2018 I discovered my love for series. I have never been massively into movies, as I tend to get bored halfway through. The shows I saw on tv as a kid (I haven’t had a TV in years) weren’t that great either. But this year I realized that the world of TV (or rather Netflix and Amazon Prime) has been absolutely killing it with series lately. I enjoyed many series this past year, but the ones below are my must-see recommendations:

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
I love Dick
The End of the Fucking World
Jane the Virgin
Narcos: Mexico

This year threw some curveballs my way (expected and unexpected ones), but as I reflected back on the year, I realise that there I so much to be grateful for. On a basic level, I have safety, food and a roof over my head, but beyond that my life is rich with love, laughter, and excitement. I will gladly take the tears and aches that come with being human if it means I continue being this darn lucky. 2018, thank you.


  1. December 31, 2018 / 4:58 pm

    Wat mooi om te horen dat je dit jaar vrienden, familie en een vriend had door wie je je zo geliefd voelde! Ook op de publicatie van je rapport mag je ontzettend trots zijn. Hoe gaaf is dat! Gelukkig ging het qua gezondheid een stuk beter met je dit jaar. Wat heftig om te horen dat je vorig jaar met zo veel pijn hebt moeten worstelen.
    En leuk lijstje met series! Ik ben toevallig net nu met een half oog Jane the Virgin aan de kijken (ik zit net in seizoen 2). Zo’n leuke serie is dat! 🙂

    Ik wens je een geweldig 2019 toe en hoop dat dit jaar je veel moois zal brengen.

    • Lizzyfied
      January 1, 2019 / 5:19 pm

      Bedankt voor de lieve reactie! Fijne mensen om mij is echt een zegen. En Jane the Virgin is inderdaad echt een leuke serie 🙂

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