To-do list and I are on a break

to-do list

My favourite type of list and I are on a break. After a long and beautiful relationship, we recently decided to take some time apart. My love affair with to-do list started at a young age. As a rigidly organised person, I was drawn to the structure and focus to-do list offered me. What started as a flirty fling in my early teens – spending entire afternoons plotting my future life with to-do list – became something more serious as I grew older. To-do list gave me a sense of peace in an increasingly demanding world (welcome to adulthood, little girl!). Before I knew it to-do list andI became inseparable. I started perfecting my goal-setting routine, and on crazy hectic days the one thing that would keep me sane would be my beloved to-do list. But lately our relationship hasn’t been that great. To-do list has been smothering me a bit and I felt like I needed some space. Today I am sharing why to-do list and I are on a break and why you too could benefits from a break with your to-do list.

More time for my other lovers

I am not monogamous when it comes to life tools. But recently I realised I had been spending so much time with to-do list that I had been neglecting all my other lovers. So when to-do list and I started our break I suddenly had so much time to spend with restspontaneity and creativity. And I remembered how much love I had for those life tools as well. Taking a break from our favourite life tool – particularly the rigid ones – means we can spend more time with the ones that we tend to neglect in an overly structured life.

Listening to myself more

To-do list gave me the organisation I needed to accomplish life goals and keep adulthood going smoothly. But it also dictated much of how my daily life should pan out. If to-do list and I made plans for the week ahead, I stuck to them, even when mid-week I changed my mind or didn’t feel like doing a particular task. Now that I don’t have to-do list in my life anymore, I notice I spend days just listening to what I want in the moment. (Well, on weekends. I still show up at work on time daily!). And guess what? The dishes are still clean and I have fresh clothes to wear every day. I also still post articles on my blog and somehow manage to show up on my yoga mat daily. Life seems to be running pretty smoothly without my to-do list to hold my hand.

Not treating our relationship as a job

All relationships take work. I am not disputing that. But a relationship shouldn’t require so much effort that it is draining you. And unfortunately to-do list has been draining me quite a bit lately. I felt like a Saturday was wasted if I didn’t have at least five things to accomplish and tick off. And a Sunday afternoon lazing around was only allowed, if I had achieved enough ticks during the week. My entire life became one big chore with endless ticks and lists. Without to-do list life has become so much more effortless. If you feel like you cannot make it through the week without a plan or cannot go to the shop without a grocery list (another lover I am distancing myself from a bit), perhaps it is time to loosen the reigns a bit.

I know to-do list and I will work it out again. We have too much history and I love to-do list too much to break up completely and move on forever. We still have so many projects to work on and I already miss how to-do list helps me out with the little daily tasks of life. On the other hand, I assume to-do list is glad to not be crumpled up and tossed in the bin anymore, but I haven’t asked. For now, we are giving each other space and – when we are ready – I am once again happy to embrace to-do list back into my life.

Have you ever taken a break from to-do lists?


  1. February 22, 2019 / 11:20 pm

    Wat schrijf je toch geweldig! Ik heb genoten van je artikel, dat stiekem eigenlijk wel inspirerend is. Wat mooi dat je de to-do-list hebt vervangen door meer leven in het nu en ook dingen doen die geen “taak” zijn.
    Ik herken wel een beetje wat je zegt. Juist door van allerlei dingen punten op je to-do-list te maken, is gewoon genieten van wat er gebeurt soms wat lastiger. Toch brengt een to-do-list voor mij wel veel structuur en houvast op een werkdag, dus helemaal loslaten lukt op dit moment niet echt. Wel probeer ik mijn to-do-lists meer realistisch en dus niet eindeloos lang te maken. En voor kleine genietmomentjes maak ik dan met liefde tussendoor een beetje tijd 🙂
    Romy recently posted…De botanische tuin in Valencia | Groene parel in de stad!My Profile

    • Lizzyfied
      February 24, 2019 / 9:04 am

      Ah lief, bedankt Romy! Ik geniet inderdaad heel erg van dagen zonder to-do list op het moment. Al moet ik wel zeggen dat het nu weer wat drukker wordt (ik heb dit artikel in januari geschreven), dus ik gebruik nu af en toe wel weer een lijstje om houvast te hebben op een dag.

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