I am Lizzy, a 25-year girl living in the UK with a love for our planet and every living being on it. I am a compassionate creature and like to extend that compassion to myself with wellness practices, mindful traveling, and wholesome nutrition.

What else? I am an optimist at daylight and a pessimist by night, I do not take myself too seriously (for the most part) and I consider myself a morning person after 7 am.

I have completed two Bachelor degrees and two Master degrees and it has now become a running joke in my family that one day I will have twins.

My favourite colour is green, my favourite food group is carbohydrates, my favourite city is Edinburgh and my favourite season is autumn.

I dream of exploring the world, owning a farm with lots of rescued pigs and inspiring those around me to join hands in a quest for a better world.

I am constantly working towards creating a lifestyle that is more sustainable, kinder and full of compassion, not only to the world around me but also to myself. This blog follows my journey into the world of living a well-balanced life while chasing my dreams of making the world a kinder and cleaner place to live on.

I upload at least one article a week and besides sharing tips and insights, I generously sprinkle personal posts into the mix in order to live up to my blog name. Welcome to my little nook on the internet!


If there is anything else you would like to know, just ask!