Magnesium and Stress

Stress can wreak havoc on a human body. It causes insomnia, headaches, digestive issues and muscle pain to begin with, but should not be underestimated for its ability to cause much more serious damage in the long-term. To relieve symptoms of stress and unwind your nervous system, there are many things you can do. Going for a calming walk in nature, meditating for a few minutes or taking a hot bath while watching your favourite movie are all valid ways to decompress. However, when stress has become a chronic issue in your life, you will have to find more structural solutions to dissolve the stress. I know from personal experience that when we are juggling too many balls at once, dropping a few of them in order to tend our essential needs is a crucial step in the healing process. We simply cannot do it all and are wise to learn this sooner rather than later to avoid lasting damage to the body. Yet even when the underlying causes of stress are dealt with and removed, symptoms can persist. One reason for this is a lack of one of the most vital nutrients for the human body in our 21st century diet, namely magnesium.

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