Gentle living

Gentle living is about being easy on yourself. It is about forgiving quickly, lowering expectations, infusing meaning into your days and smelling the proverbial roses.

In this section, I explore simplifying and decluttering all the habits and thought patterns that aren’t adding value to our lives. I share the tips and tricks I have learned along the way, without ever claiming that I have it all figured out (who does, anyway?). Together we can explore what it means to live a good life. I love hearing people’s feedback, so don’t be shy to leave a comment!


Quitting Instagram and choosing life

I have chosen to quit Instagram. Completely. For most – I even presume all – of you, this might come as a surprise. You probably didn’t even realise I had an Instagram account to begin with. Well, I actually used to have two accounts. A private account where I shared pictures with my friends and a public one where I shared pictures of my meals. When I started my blog, I synced my public account to my blog. But by that time I had already stopped sharing pictures. (Which is why you probably didn't know I had an Instagram account.) And no I have deleted my accounts completely. Here are the reasons I decided to quit Instagram.

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How to quiet the monkey mind

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To-do list and I are on a break

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