Gentle living

Gentle living is about being easy on yourself. It is about forgiving quickly, lowering expectations, infusing meaning into your days and smelling the proverbial roses.

In this section, I explore simplifying and decluttering all the habits and thought patterns that aren’t adding value to our lives. I share the tips and tricks I have learned along the way, without ever claiming that I have it all figured out (who does, anyway?). Together we can explore what it means to live a good life. I love hearing people’s feedback, so don’t be shy to leave a comment!


Why less is more

What drives our excessive desire for more? Despite all our wealth and abundance, we always want more to fill us up. We crave the latest fashions, technologies and hotspot destinations. Consumption has become our favourite pastime. In a society that seems insatiable, how can any of us even begin the quest for enough? Our hungry hankering brings with it an overbearing heaviness, an exhaustion, a longing for a slower pace of life. Yet we cannot seem to escape the yoke of desire. The question springs to mind: what is the relationship between our desire for always more and a good life?

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My top 5 favourite self-help books

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Tapping 101 – the what, the why and the how

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