Personal Musings

In the personal musings section, I share short stories, snippets into my life and poetic prose. I frequently share updates about what I am up to, how life is treating me and what I have experienced.

In this section, I also explore philosophical questions, life struggles and anything else my mind may ponder.

Here, I welcome you into my life and mind.



More questions. Less answers.

It is the new year. All of us get to turn a new leaf. Full of hopes and resolutions we can begin another 365 days of living. Another 365 days of belly laughers, broken promises, tears of happiness and sleepless nights. Another year of ups and downs. Isn’t that the beauty of life? The ebb and flow will take us into all sort of directions. This year and the next. Until we reach the grand finale. Some things we can plan. Other things will surprise us. I know about this unpredictability of life. I have experienced it first-hand. Yet I like to take the time each December to reflects on the months gone and the months to come. I take stock of what went well and how I can improve. (I also draw up a list of resolutions that I know I likely won’t complete, but that comforts me nonetheless.) This year I had one more thing to consider. A new aspect of my life. My blog.

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Thank you 2018

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My new year’s resolutions for 2019

My new year’s resolutions for 2019 View Post