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In the personal musings section, I share short stories, snippets into my life and poetic prose. I frequently share updates about what I am up to, how life is treating me and what I have experienced.

In this section, I also explore philosophical questions, life struggles and anything else my mind may ponder.

Here, I welcome you into my life and mind.



My top 5 favourite self-help books

A few years ago, I was a massive self-help junkie. What started with a crush on a guy that was into meditation and yoga, became a full-fledged love affair not with said guy, but with all things self-development and spirituality. Meditation, yoga and positive affirmations were part of my daily routine. Devouring books on success secrets became my favourite pastime. In these books, I was trying to find an answer. I was searching for that one little nugget of wisdom that would change my life for good. As the years went by, some practices and wisdom stuck, and life became a little better for it. The magic potion for instant success never came though (anyone surprised?!). So, my interest in reading self-help books waned. Over the years I decluttered my living space and many self-help books were exiled to my local charity shop. Yet five books survived the selection process and still grace my shelves to this day. These are books that continue to inspire me and are worth rereading over and over again. If you only ever read five books from the self-help department, these are the ones I suggest.

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Why I started blogging

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Month in Review: July 2018

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