Millenials and fatigue: on ‘generation burnout’

I was having an interesting discussion with my grandmother recently. You see, my grandmother strongly believes that everything used to be better when she was young. She believes that young people nowadays are entitled, lazy and spoilt. In the discussion, she gave me a long tirade about how hard she used to work and how she never complained about it. She couldn’t understand how so many young people nowadays are so overwhelmed with seemingly simpler lives. Of course, she is right in one aspect. Her generation did work incredibly hard and had to endure a lot. Jobs were just as scarce and competitive as they are now. Luxuries, such as showers and washing machines, were not part of everyday life. Life revolved around working from dawn until dusk. Is it true then that our generation is just lazy and spoiled? 

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My blogging experience so far

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Month in review: September

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