Slow Travel

Slow travel to me means savouring the moment of the experience. Rather than seeing as much as possible – as quickly as possible -, travelling slow allows us to connect with our surroundings in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Slow travel is spending an afternoon in a local cafe instead of making your way through crowded tourist streets. It is about going off the beaten track and embracing what the local culture has to offer you. It is about seeing the wonders close at home instead of always going far away.

In this section, I share tips on slow travelling, as well as tales from my own mindful travel experiences.



Frankfurt: the ultimate travel guide

Frankfurt is a city I am intimately familiar with and return to on a regular basis. Growing up, I would travel to the city several times a year to visit my grandparents. They lived there their entire married lives. Whenever I go back now, I feel like coming home to a city that holds so many beautiful memories. Although Frankfurt is not known as a tourist hotspot, its popularity has risen over the last few years. And when you know where to go, Frankfurt is truly a wonderful destination for all things shopping, eating, and sightseeing. Over the years, I have discovered all the wonderful places the city has to offer. In this post, I share my insights and tips to making your trip to Frankfurt one for the records.

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Dear Morocco

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