Slow Travel

Slow travel to me means savouring the moment of the experience. Rather than seeing as much as possible – as quickly as possible -, travelling slow allows us to connect with our surroundings in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Slow travel is spending an afternoon in a local cafe instead of making your way through crowded tourist streets. It is about going off the beaten track and embracing what the local culture has to offer you. It is about seeing the wonders close at home instead of always going far away.

In this section, I share tips on slow travelling, as well as tales from my own mindful travel experiences.



A sustainable outfit and a trip to Austria

A few weeks ago, I visited family in Austria for a lovely long weekend. It was a trip to remember. We swam in crystal clear lakes and climbed the mountaintops of the Alps. We adored the fresh air, the serene landscapes, and the heartfelt chats. I was even surprised by the choice of vegan food that was offered by the restaurants in the little towns we visited. I knew that comfort was at the center of this trip, so I ensured all the clothes I brought, were light, loose and comfortable. On one of the days, my outfit was completely sustainable and fair-trade, which is why I thought it would be great to share the outfit on my blog. I started buying fair-trade and sustainable only about two years ago, so I still have quite a few fast-fashion pieces in my wardrobe. However, it is great to see my collection of ethical clothing growing, as time goes by. Nowadays it is not uncommon to wear an all-ethical outfit. 

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