My self-care routine

Self-care has become a millennial buzzword and there is probably not a single lifestyle blogger left who has not yet shared their tips, insights or thoughts on practicing self-care. Yet within the midst of a generation looking after itself, there is also a more critical voice emerging. The concept of self-care has namely been called meaningless and some people have complained about the fact that self-care has been taken hostage by commercialism. With self-care kits, mason jars and scented candles roaming the market it is no wonder some might take issue with yet another commercial wellness hype. Still, I believe, that self-care is timely important and deeply valuable. When separating the wheat from the chaff and zooming in on the core of self-care, we can realize that self-care is not just an indulgent ego-trip. It is a practice necessary to be able to serve others.

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My social media routine

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The 7 rules of saving money

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